We are excited to be hosting Webinars on Interspecies Communication, with experts from around the world. This means you can attend mini workshops and talks right in the comfort of your own home. These webinars are interactive with Q&A sessions on a miraid of topics related to the subject of interspecies communication. The webinars are recorded so if the live webinar has already taken place you will still be able to listen to the Replay. Please note there is usually a small fee levied to attend or access the replay of the webinars.

Webinars – Upcoming & Replays

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Physical Health and Wellbeing
with Animal Communication

When: Saturday, February 8, 2020 · 04:00:00 PM · Pretoria
Duration: 2 hours
Language: English
Who can attend? Everyone

About This Webinar
This webinar is open to everyone. If you are already signed up to the AnimalTalk Africa on-line Academy, but want to learn how to get the most out of the course training, this will be of great benefit. If you are thinking about starting your training in conscious interspecies communication, but want to know more- this webinar is a must.

Wynter introduces you to the basics of the course, which is now on a new platform, and gives you tips and advice on how to get through the lessons, what she is looking for and how to make this experience fun and rewarding.

There will be a practice session with one of our animal teachers, so that you can see how you are personally able to communicate with animals over a distance. No experience is necessary!

Wynter will also explain more about the intermediate and practitioner courses and what the qualifications through AnimalTalk Africa represent.

You will be guided through the basics of interspecies communication to get you ready to participate in the practice sessions from the very beginning. Janine, who is an integral part of the Academy and assists everyone through practice sessions and mentoring, will join Wynter on the webinar.

There will be time for Q&A at the end.

All are welcome!

Opening meditation
Getting through the lessons and assignments
The basics of interspecies communication
Practice Session
Closing meditation


Animaltalk Africa has partnered with 7 Days of Rest and Radiant Diversity 2020 to bring you 7 days of Meditating for the Animals and all of Nature: Transforming the world, one intention at a time.

7 Days of Rest is an annual global event that takes place the first week of every year. During 7 Days of Rest & Radiant Diversity 2020, individuals and groups across the world will create and participate in events dedicated to cultivating unity and harmony in diversity, and empathy with all of Life.

Wynter invites you to take around twenty minutes, each day to allow yourself to spend this time with the animals and Nature: Being, Loving, Transforming, Experiencing- for yourself and for the animals.

Each of these 7 days focuses on a different theme, each of which is meaningful and transformative, connecting you deeply with the one-ness of all beings, sharing support and love.

You are encouraged to do these meditations each day in sequence, and then after the full seven days, all the meditations will be available for you to experience in whichever order you choose. If you do not already have a daily sacred practice, this can be a start.
If you do practice meditation daily, try incorporating these meditations into your sacred practice.

Once you have listened to them in sequence, use them as and when you need to. The power of these meditations will be as valuable to you, years from now. There is no expiry date.

Enjoy being with the animals!

This, the third in the series “Communicating with Cats”, focusses on Feral Cats.

Feral Cats are domestic cats who have become or are born “wild”. With no positive human interaction they are terrified of people.

In this session Wynter explains how,through interspecies communication, you are able to gain the trust of these beings. She speaks about how to manage colonies and/or individuals who you may wish to help.

Wynter, from a very young age, became knowledgeable about Feral Cats and their behaviour. Her mother, Lalage Worsthorne, was integral in starting the first “trap, neuter and release” programme in Johannesburg in the 1980’s.
As a young adult, Wynter worked as a volunteer with Alley Cat Action in Cape Town for over 5 years.

Even though this was all before she had formal training in the subject, Interspecies Communication has always played a vital role in her work with Feral Cats over the years. Join her for this fascinating session where she shares her experiences and the wisdom that she has gained from the Ferals themselves.

Basic differences between Feral Cats and House Cats
The basics of communicating with Cats
Looking after a Feral Colony
Managing a visiting Feral Cat

Communicating with your own animal friends



So often, people find it more difficult to understand what their own animals are trying to tell them.

On this webinar Wynter gives you some valuable advice about how to suspend your expectations and attachments to the situation, in order to clear your mind and heart so that you can really listen and understand your own beloved friends.


Thursday, February 21, 2019 · 08:30:00 PM · Pretoria
1 hour 30 minutes

As a follow on to the first “Communicating with Cats” webinar, Wynter focuses on the specific subject of cat fights. Find out why cats fight, and how, through interspecies communication, you can facilitate harmony in a multi-cat household.

Wynter has had a life-time of experience communicating with cats, and in the last 18 years as a professional animal communicator has helped many cats accept and tolerate each other.

Join this webinar to learn what cats need to feel at peace.


In this informative webinar, Wynter speaks about her experience communicating with cats- big and small. Learn how through intuitive communication you can get to the root of any issues you may be having with your cat. 

Wynter shares information that she has received from cats over the last 18 years of working as a professional Interspecies Communicator.
  • Cat energy
  • Cat behaviour
  • Physical issues
  • Healing

Previous Webinars – REPLAYS available

Supporting the 7 Days of Rest Campaign.

www.7days-of-rest.org During these 7 days, 7 different interspecies communicators from around the globe, will be sharing meditations for the animals and nature, as well as profound messages received from the animals themselves for humanity. Day 1 with Wynter Worsthorne (South Africa) Day 2 with Julie Lines (United Kingdom) Day 3 with Saskia Hopff (South Africa) Day 4 with Elizabeth Asch (France) Day 5 with Lorraine Turner (United States) Day 6 with Kate Muller (South Africa) Day 7 with Safaya Salter (United Kingdom)