Why Animal Communication?

Learning to communicate with your animal friends will open up a whole new world to you. It is not a special gift, but an ability that is innate in us all and just has to be re-awakened and nurtured.

Welcome to the world of interspecies communication where you can learn the language of the animals.

Meet Wynter Worsthorne

International Animal Communicator and Founder
of AnimaltalkAfrica

Having committed most of my life attempting to gain a deeper understanding of animals and nature, I have been shown that through listening to the animals we are given the key to understanding ourselves and our role in the universe.

If you feel ready to open your heart and mind to what the animals are telling you, you are in the right place. Learning to communicate with all species is about becoming in-tune and at one with the beings with whom we share this beautiful planet. It is about discovering what is best for the animals, the planet and ourselves and making a difference.

Whether you want to understand what your domestic animal friend is feeling and thinking, or if you feel you want to save the world “one ant at a time”, you can find the beginnings of your journey here.


Through my Online Academy which has just been completely redesigned on our new easy-to-use Academy Online learning site, I offer one-on-one Animal communication tuition where you can study on-line alongside an international community of students in your own time and space.
Physical workshops and retreats are offered around Africa and Europe. Online Webinars offering interviews and talks by myself and other animal communicators from around the world are available for both live attendance and replays.


I occasionally do private Animal communications on request. When I am unavailable, and you would like a consultation with your animal friend/s, you can find a list of qualified professionals here, all of whom I highly recommend.

Welcome to your journey into the remarkable world of interspecies communication…

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Upcoming Webinars

We are excited to be hosting Webinars on Animal Communication, with experts from around the world. This means you can attend mini workshops and talks right in the comfort of your own home. These webinars are interactive with Q&A sessions on a miriad of topics related to the subject of interspecies communication.

The webinars are recorded so if the live webinar has already taken place you will still be able to listen to the Replay.

Please visit our WEBINAR page for more information.
There is usually a small fee levied to attend or access the replay of the webinars.

We are very proud to announce the launch of our new and improved
AnimaltalkAfrica Online Academy!

Wynter and the Animaltalk Africa Team have been hard at work over the last few months to bring in a new and very much improved Online Academy.

It still has the same original content, but is very user-friendly and has some extra jewels of information directly from the animals themselves!


This Introduction course is for anyone who wants a greater understanding of all animals and themselves.

This is a skill that anyone can learn!


The aim of this course is to help you become more confident about using your skills; This course will help you find your purpose and show you how best you can work with the knowledge and understanding that you now have.


This Practitioner Certification course aims to prepare you for the Practitioner certification. The modules focus on guiding you in becoming a professional animal communicator.

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5 hours ago

Animaltalk Africa

A HEART Gathering for the Elephants - https://mailchi.mp/animaltalkafrica.co.za/illustrated-conversations-help-endangered-animals-7729947 ... See MoreSee Less

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Please join us in the first of a series of H.E.A.R.T gatherings. Heart Energy Achieving Real Transformation. The first of these gathering will be on-line on Saturday 25 January at 12:00 South Africa Time. We will be working with Elephant consciousness in order to assist in creating balance in Nature, for the species, connecting with the whole. Register for free or if you choose to donate, proceeds will go to the Elephant Reintegration Trust. with thanks.
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2 days ago

Animaltalk Africa

Thank you Nick Trethowan for this important piece of writing. Everyone here, please read this heartfelt piece from someone who knows and has lived with Baboons his whole life. Then, even if you don't live in Cape Town, please email those who make the decisions on how Baboons are currently "managed". Addresses are at the bottom of the post. Thank you in advance. ... See MoreSee Less

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5 days ago

Animaltalk Africa

Global prayer and intention setting for Earth Gaia

- https://mailchi.mp/animaltalkafrica.co.za/global-prayer-and-intention-setting-for-earth-gaia
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7 days ago

Animaltalk Africa

Monday night's supper! (might need to prepare some on Sunday). Yum. 😍🙏 ... See MoreSee Less

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1 week ago

Animaltalk Africa

We were amazed and honoured to watch a dung beetle roll a ball of bird poo across the driveway of our front garden and proceed to bury it as nourishment for its babies.
With everything else going on there is still joy to be seen. 😍
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Animaltalk Africa

Upcoming practice sessions with Kate Muller - https://mailchi.mp/animaltalkafrica.co.za/upcoming-practice-sessions-with-kate-muller ... See MoreSee Less

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2 weeks ago

Animaltalk Africa

A message for 2020 from the animals - https://mailchi.mp/animaltalkafrica.co.za/a-message-for-2020-from-the-animals ... See MoreSee Less

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Animaltalk Africa

How are you using your privilege? 🙏🏼With 💗, Mel Photography ... See MoreSee Less

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What if your animal friend went missing?

  This is an essential guide book for all animal lovers. Using very practical steps in the art of animal communication, Wynter Worsthorne helps you to know what to do if your beloved animal companion decides to go walkabout.


Dr. Borbala Molnar

AnDear Wynter, Thank you for making this world better by offering this course! Thank you for all your guidance, support, and understanding. The content of your course is more interesting and enriching than any other studies I’ve done so far. Your course has changed my life and made me a better person. I feel I can contribute to the “light” of this world, because you have shown me how to understand animals, nature, and myself. I have learned how to meditate and now I’m enjoying the benefits of re-connecting to the universe. People around me also flagged a noticeable change in my behavior. I am thankful that my path was guided to Animal Talk Africa Online Academy, where you enlighten people and produce balanced individuals who are able to contribute to a better world.

AnimalTalkAfrica Course Student

Angela Redriver

Thank you for a truly wonderful week!!  It was enchanting being surrounded by so much wilderness!!  It was such a special time in my life.  I was quite surprised that I was able to connect / hear the lions so well. Experiencing how it all works has opened up a new dimension for me.  Until now, I have not trusted what I was receiving.  Your workshop has given me the confidence to trust what comes into my heart and mind.

StarLion Journey Attendee

Jean Arnott

Hello Wynter, thank you again for all your support throughout the course. In response to your last emails, I am so grateful for and excited about the feedback you’ve given me! I will make sure to use your advice when I continue to practice. I truly cannot comprehend how much this course has resonated with me. It has given me so much clarity about my life path which I have never had before. It has profoundly impacted my life and I look forward to furthering my studies soon!

AnimalTalkAfrica Course Student

Maureen Manning

Hello Wynter,

Thank you so much for your support and encouragement, my animal communication skills have grown immensely since participating in your correspondence programs. I am looking forward to continuing this journey with your advanced program, it sounds exciting!

AnimalTalkAfrica Course Student

Oriana M.

Wynter, Thank you for this opportunities to reconnect with my animal friends and myself (my inner child). I found Your meditations and guidance, throughout the course, very clear, healing and effective.

AnimalTalkAfrica Course Student

Amanda Foster

The crux, for me, was the unconditional love that animals just have for everything. It overwhelmed me. I realized the power of this love and that it does, indeed exist. I may be able to connect with my animals I do notice that they are different around me, Kathy’s sessions integrated well into the weekend. I enjoyed how they complimented the content as well as providing an opportunity to move so that you don’t stay stuck in your chair all weekend. Thank you, everybody!

Workshop Attendee

Marlene Neumann

 The Weekend retreat at the Living Art Farm was absolutely refreshing. Wynter’s gentle nature calmed me immediately. The group was perfect. The combination with the dance…was sensational. The weekend not only taught me how to speak to animals but it put me in touch with my inner self again.. The venue was amazing and the food …. truly from Gaia. A weekend…what I would imagine “heaven” to be like!

Workshop Attendee

Sue Northam

I found Wynter’s course to be both magical and demystifying. I truly clicked into the ability to quickly connect to my heart space and the zero point field, downloading with ease – and getting all sorts of detailed, often bizarre, information from a variety of animals. From a live dog to a photo of a living cat, a passed over dog, a living, moving horse and a now passed baboon too.

Wynter was a delightful, and gentle, teacher and I felt that the combination really worked of staying over and fully immersing, combined with getting into our bodies through movement with Kathy’s ‘Juice!’

Workshop Attendee

Helene Sinisterra

Hi Wynter, I wanted to thank you again for the help with Bella! She’s doing so well, far less aggressive and much more willing and engaging in play. She’s loved the time when I just sit and read with her and when we do our exercise in play in the field

Animal Consultation


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