About Wynter Worsthorne

Interspecies Communicator

Wynter started her journey into the world of intuitive animal communication in 2001 when she met Amelia Kinkade, author of “Straight from the Horse’s Mouth”. After doing a mentorship with Amelia for two years she started working as a professional Animal Communicator.

Her work took her to the UK, where she lived for 4 years and started teaching people how to understand their own animals on a deeper level.

She moved back to her beloved South Africa in 2006 and helped pioneer the interspecies communication movement in the country.

Wynter has since created her own On-Line Academy which offers different levels of teaching, up to and including a Practitioner’s course. She is committed to making sure her students maintain a level of ethical and compassionate practice, which upholds international standards of the Interspecies Communication profession.
When travel is allowed, she teaches workshops in South Africa, UK and Europe. Since 2017, Wynter has been holding frequent online Webinars for all interested in Animal communication and Intuitive Interspecies Communication in general.

Her book “Where is Biggles?” is a popular, practical guide book which has helped many people be reunited with their animal friends.

The ability to communicate with the animals is not limited to a special few.
We are all able to listen to and understand all animals on a subtle, energetic level, from the smallest ant to the mighty lion.
All we need is love and respect for all beings and a willingness to open our hearts and minds.

Although Wynter still works with domestic animals, her passion is African wildlife which is under so much threat in today’s world.

Wynter is a trustee of Baboon Matters Trust and works closely with the Global White Lion Protection Trust. She started “Star Lion Journeys” as a way to support the project and help bring a deep awareness and understanding of the African Lion and Africa.

Wynter is now based in Cape Town, South Africa, but works internationally in order to spread awareness and to help heal the great “separation sickness” from which humankind suffers at this time.

Star Lion Journeys to the White Lions of Timbivati

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