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Professional Animal Communicator Lorraine Turner is holding a webinar for children and people who live with or work with children to teach them about connecting and communicating with animals.

TO BE HELD – Saturday, Jun 10, 5:30 PM SAS

A webinar for children (ages 8 and over) and Adults – a TEAM effort.

Ever wonder why animals seem to connect so easily with children? Perhaps it is the pure and simple truth that children BELIEVE that the animal understands them, and rightly so. The animal kingdom is calling out and wishes to teach the future ambassadors of our planet—our children are their hope.

If you have an animal living in your home, it is as much a family member as the child that cuddles it. This is a truth. It is not a matter of placing more importance on animals versus humans, it is merely the foundation of a loving energy that is created in this environment. The relationship between child and animal is vital and there is a dynamic communication going on.


This communication can improve self-esteem, help with problem solving, and strengthen relationships among all family members. It begins in the home and these are some of the topics we will be discussing:


1) Tune in to all animals and connect through our hearts
2) Still our minds with self time-outs to learn how animals speak
3) Respect and honor all animals in order to bring balance and healing to our planet.


This webinar is ideal for anyone who wants to engage with animals, both domestic and wild. Lorraine teaches a basic entry level course in order to bring understanding to children as young as eight, as well as adults.

If it can be broken down for a child’s understanding, then these lessons are for young and old!

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