Animal Communication

A Consultation with Wynter Worsthorne 

What to expect from an animal communication consultation

All Wynter’s work is based on intuition and backed up by nearly 20 years of experience in her field.
She specializes in cats (big or small), terminal illness and helping with animals getting ready to cross over.

She will help with other animals and issues if she has the time, with the exception of missing animals, however she will help to guide ‘lost’ animals home where possible. 

NB. A communication session is not intended as a substitute for a veterinary consultation.

Animal communication consultation with Wynter Worsthorne

Important Information

Communication is not about controlling animals, but about gaining a deeper understanding around whatever issues are going on and finding compassionate and ethical ways of assisting both animals and humans to live in harmony.

Wynter usually only needs a once off consultation to help and advise on any issues.

Behavioural issues usually need time, patience and commitment from the person to make a difference. Communication is not a quick fix, although in some cases you will see an immediate difference.

As a professional animal communicator, Wynter is not allowed to diagnose physical illnesses or prescribe remedies. She will be able to pick up on physical feelings and areas of discomfort in the body which may assist your veterinary professional with diagnosis. Any herbal/homeopathic remedies that may come up as a suggestion during a communication needs to be checked with your holistic veterinarian.

Download information sheet before requestion an Animal communication consultation.

To request an appointment please Contact Wynter Worsthorne

Animal communication consultation with professional Wynter Worsthorne
If Wynter is unavailable, she recommends
 these professional Animal Communicators.

Please note: Wynter no longer “tracks” missing animals but will help to guide animals home where possible. Reading her book Where is Biggles will assist you to guide your own animal home.

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Where is Biggles?

Wynter Worsthorne helps you to know what to do if your beloved animal companion decides to go walk-about. This will not only teach you the skills of consciously connecting with your animal friend, but how to still your fears, understand why animals go missing and how to cope with all of the emotions involved. Don’t wait until your beloved cat, dog or bird goes on an adventure without you before you read it.

Wynter Worsthorne helps you to know what to do if your beloved animal companion goes missing
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