Wynter Worsthorne and Safaya Salter

Wargrave, Berkshire, UK

21st -23rd June 2019

Internationally recognized interspecies communicator, Wynter Worsthorne from South Africa, invites you to join her and Safaya Salter, UK communicator and energy psychologist, on a journey into a world where we can all communicate with the animals.

This is a three-day workshop, leading you from the fundamentals of developing a heart connection withall species, to a meaningful practice of understanding all beings on a deep and profound level.  (see details below)

Hennerton workshop Flyer


To book:
Email: simon@animaltalkafrica.co.za

Or Call Simon on:
0207 043 3030 (UK landline)
+27(0)78 115 4894 (SA WhatsApp call available)

Accommodation options are available – please enquire when booking.