Consultations with Wynter

Wynter is occasionally available to do home consultations in Cape Town. She specialises in terminally ill animals and all cats (no matter how big or small).  When not available due to her busy international teaching schedule, she highly recomends several other Communication professionals.

She unfortunately no longer works with missing animals, as she does not have the dedicated time necessary for that sensitive work.
Wynter has, however, written a guide book, ‘Where is Biggles‘,  which has already helped many people be re-united with their beloved animal friends.

Where is Biggles?

For guidance and advice on what to do when your animal friend goes missing, please purchase the Kindle e-book version of “Where is Biggles?” from or order your print copy from or

Where is Biggles?
What to expect in a consultation

Once you have made an appointment for Wynter to come to your home to communicate with you and your animal friend/s, she asks that you email her a photograph of your friend along with his or her name.

This helps her to establish a connection before she arrives.
Wynter will spend between one and two hours with you, depending on the issues and how much your animal friend has to say.


  • You are welcome to stay in the room whilst Wynter is in communication, but please ensure that radios, TV’s and all unnecessary noise is switched off.
  • Relevant family members are also welcome, as long as there are no disruptions during the session.

    Wynter will share the information from your animal friend with you, as it comes.

  • You will receive a follow-up email summarising the consultation, so that you don’t need to be distracted by taking notes.
  • Wynter’s aim is to empower you to work with your own animals, so during the communication she will also show you how to communicate any messages effectively to your friend.

A communication consultation is not a substitute for veterinary advice, but when working with a willing vet
may be able to assist in the healing process.

If Wynter is unavailable or you would like someone to do a distant consultation she recommends these professional Animal Communicators.


P.O.Box 1776   Sunvalley,
Western Cape, South Africa 7985





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