Level 1 – Introduction Course


This Introduction course is for anyone who wants a greater understanding of all animals and themselves.

You will ALSO receive the full ‘Meditations with Wynter’ CD as a MP3 download.

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LEVEL I – the Introduction to Animal Communication Course:

9 Modules with Meditations, exercises and videos

As a Correspondence Student you have exclusive access to the AnimalTalkAfrica Online Academy including the Students Forum.
From here you are able to access your course lesson files in your own time and download or print them, submit your questions and case studies and via the forum, interact with Wynter and other students.

In this Introduction course we cover;

  • The history of Animal Communication – African Tradition
  • How it works
  • How to send and receive messages
  • Distant Communication
  • Communicating with animals in Spirit
  • Communicating with Missing Animals

I have designed this introduction course for anyone who wants a greater understanding of all animals and themselves.

You do not need to have worked with animals in any way.
You do not need to live with any animals.

I like to think of animal communication as a life skill. It’s like learning another language in order to communicate better with those around you.

Some who do this course might want to take it further and work as professional animal communicators, some may use it as another “tool” in their box, if they are already working with animals in their profession.

Others may want to use this new knowledge in order to better understand the animals with whom they live and the animals in nature. Still others may just want to see for themselves if they have the ability and don’t have any idea what they will “do” with this knowledge. You don’t have to “do” anything with it- just like you don’t have to “do” anything with your ability to speak a second language – it just comes in handy sometimes.

The only thing I ask of anyone doing this course is an open mind and a true love for any animal who may cross your path in life.

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