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All of our online courses are now available for purchase from our new Academy Site. 

Animaltalk Africa’s Online Academy has been developed by Wynter Worsthorne over the last twelve years. She is the core facilitator for all of the courses.

Explore our INTRODUCTION, INTERMEDIATE and PRACTITIONER Animal Communication courses as well as a free Introduction to the Courses Webinar and other webinars.


Meditations with Wynter - Audio Download

Guiding you in the subtle art of animal communication –
7 Meditations to enhance your connection with the natural world around you. 

Over the years, Wynter has written a number of different meditations and visualisation exercises which she works with in her teaching.
This cd has taken a good few years to manifest and finally this superb collection, with the beautiful healing sounds of Chris Tokalon.

This CD is available as a Digital Download for $10

What if your animal friend went missing?

This is an essential guide book for all animal lovers, based on the author’s own personal story of Biggles, a fluffy, ginger tom getting out of his box on the runway of Cape Town International Airport, and how and why it took six weeks to get him back.
Using very practical steps in the art of animal communication, Wynter Worsthorne helps you to know what to do if your beloved animal companion decides to go walk-about.

Where is Biggles? includes stories from many animal lovers about how, by using Wynter’s reliable techniques, they have found their missing animal friends.

For sale as a Kindle Edition e-book from Amazon Kindle Books
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South African residents can purchase Where is Biggles as a physical book from


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