Webinar – Communicating With Captive Wild Animals



FEE:  7.00 GBP


Intuitive communication

So many of the earth’s wild animals are held in captivity, whether it be for sanctuary, for zoos or on the other end of the scale, for pure commercial profit. Find out how the animals themselves feel about this and how to recognise facilities that are unethical, when the “story” presented to the public is seemingly okay.

Learn how you are able to ask the animals themselves.

Ethical Sanctuaries

Wynter has worked with a number of wildlife sanctuaries throughout her career, and has much insight and knowledge around the dubious industry of physically interacting with captive wildlife. Join this webinar to learn more about this and what you can do to help support ethical sanctuaries and the animals they keep safe.

(photo credit to Drakenstein Lion Sanctuary, www.lionrescue.org.za)