Webinar – Finding Stability within Nature



Friday 28th August 2020
17:00  SAST

FEE:  8.50 GBP



How do we find stability in such unstable times?

Very few of us has known a time like this within our lifetimes. After the first shock and even perhaps relief has worn off, and people are getting back to a new reality, there seems to be an instability in all of us.

We wonder what the future holds? Many nature lovers despair that the world has gone a bit mad and nothing has really changed humanities destructive ways.

Interspecies communicator, Wynter Worsthorne speaks on how you can stay centred and grounded even when the world around you seems to be tilting beneath your feet.
Mother Nature’s guidance and unconditional love is vital for us all at this time. By connecting with your Hearts you will experience the support that She has for you, and how you in turn can support her.